Choose your pricing plan

  • Curves Perfect Body

    Receive all treatments in one session weekly
    • Basic Butt Lift, I Lipo Laser, Cellulite Treatment Wrap,
    • Wood Sculpting , Vacumm Therapy
    • Nine Sessions
  • Snatched & Cinched

    Snatched & Cinched Curves Detox Spa Package
    • I Lipo Laser , Metabolism and Detox Body Wrap
    • Infrared Sauna and Vibration Plate Therapy
    • Nine Sessions
  • Hourglass Body

    Lose Inches and Tone to Perfection
    • I Lipo Laser ,Tesla Sculpt, Slimming and toning wrap
    • Vibration Plate Therapy
    • Eleven Sessions of each treatment
  • Winter Body Special

    Valid for 3 months
    • Nine Sessions of Body Sculpting any two areas once a week
  • Mommy Makeover

    Weekly Treatments
    • Tesla Sculpt with Synchronized RF Ultrasonic Cavatation
    • I Lipo Laser Slimming & Toning Body Wrap
    • Vibration Plate Therapy Twelve Sessions
  • Top Seller

    Booty Transformation

    Booty Transformation Package
    • Basic Noninvasive Butt Lift , Basic Cellulite Therapy
    • Vacumm Therapy, Butt Enhancement Treatment ,Tesla Sculpt
    • Twelve Sessions
  • Couples Quick Sculpt

    Slim down and tone up
    • Tesla Sculpt , I Lipo Laser
    • Slimming Body Wrap ,Vibration Plate Therapy
    • Fourteen Sessions of each treatment
    • All treatments done in one session